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If you are retiring on a modest income, or just want to stretch your post-working gratuity further, it makes sense to move to a location with inexpensive housing. While home prices in Nigeria, especially in major urban centres, can be breathtakingly high, you can still find charming communities across the country with houses, semi detached, detached, bungalow, duplex, penthouse, container house. selling for under $100,000.

While mansions and modern home types are mostly found in the cities, you can still find the mud house in the countryside that we call rural, agrarian areas. It is the cheapest home to have if you are looking for a remote place somewhere in the countryside to escape from a noisy megapolis from time to time, a mud house will be a perfect change of scenery. Read more:


In this Coastal city, you can find a good selection of homes under $100,000, including a two-bedroom one with “tons of natural light” and “sliding patio door leading to a patio perfect for entertaining on a summer evening” for $74,900.

Lagos is the most populous city in Nigeria and West African Sub-region. Most of the countries great health facilities, nearby national parks, concerts and other events, and a median price for a one-bedroom home of $100,000 that are easily found in lagos makes it a destination bet for retirees.

Port Harcourt

This Coastal and oil-rich city in the southern part of the country is a town that has the right spirit,  for home buyers. Depending on budget a modest two-bedroom home will conveniently fit in. Porthacourt city has one of the best neighborhoods in Nigeria, with great swimming, fishing and camping opportunities. 


Ibadan is the center of the Yoruba culture a land rich in culture and traditions so there is much to live for in this brown roofed city. Ibadan is a very large city, the largest in west Africa (not by population) it is home to several major academic institution where thousands of young people from all across Nigeria and west Africa educate themselves. We have the prestigious University of Ibadan Which was the first University in Africa.

Ibadan boost many first in Africa, including the first television station, the first stadium and the first high rise building in Nigeria.

Standard of living is by many account fine and you wouldn’t have to break the bank to own a home.


Apart from the G.RA. where the British lived during colonial times, now, Kano’s G.R.A. is not so much dominated by rich Nigerians or powerful government officials like in other Nigerian cities, but the G.R.A. is a nicer section of town where many Lebanese and wealthier Nigerians live. Makes this powerful northern Nigeria city a proper retiring destination for home buyers. There are diverse neighborhood to choose from that are also highly rated but commonly affordable


A couple of factors that range from security, accessibility, viability, etc, influences the listing of Calabar here.  the State Housing Estate in Calabar, right in the heart of town is home to the mighty and a spattering of the less mighty. It is secure, has well tarred interconnecting roads, at the last count, three parks and an expansive area that commands a six-digit asking price, inch by inch. Other place include: Ekorinimi, Satelite Town, 8 Miles, Parliamentary Road Extension, Anantigha and Etta-Agbo.



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